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Our vision

The vision of the RUBIN-AMI alliance lies in the development of multimodal imaging technologies as a basis for innovation, the networking of regionally integrated partners for the development of innovative products, services and the opening up of new regional value chains.

For this purpose, different methodological and technological development aspects along the imaging innovation chain are to be considered. The common strategic goal of RUBIN-AMI is the establishment of a complete innovation chain of multimodal imaging in Central and Southern Thuringia as well as its networking with suppliers and customers in relevant application fields in Germany to demonstrate the considerable potential of the technology.

Vision Englisch
Innovation base for multimodal imaging with cross-industry solutions

The focus is on integrating multimodal imaging into innovation chains in the recycling of closed material cycles, medicine and the automotive sector. Areas beyond these, such as quality assurance processes and human-robot interaction, e.g. in sustainable production, agriculture, forestry and the food industry, are also expected to benefit from the developed innovation platform in the future.


Multimodal imaging is a technology within photonics that uses novel camera-based sensors and systems to capture and evaluate properties such as shape and color as well as spectral information of objects in a non-contact manner. These data serve tasks in business, science and digital society. Multimodal imaging technologies combine imaging technologies from different spectral ranges from ultraviolet, visual, near to long-wave infrared and 3D imaging technologies.


Multimodale Bildgebung Englisch
Programme family
Funding programme
Alliance Coordination

Steinbeis Qualitätssicherung und Bildverarbeitung GmbH (SQB GmbH) 


Steffen Lübbecke

Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 9

98693 Ilmenau, Germany

Tel.: +49 3677 4690 5910




Business office
Sponsored by

SpectroNet c/o Technologie- und Innovationspark Jena GmbH

Paul-Gerald Dittrich

Hans-Knöll-Straße 6
07745 Jena, Germany
Tel.: +49 3641 6751 00


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