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SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2022, Jena

For the first time since September 2019 the Collaboration Cluster SpectroNet invites the Photonics and Machine Vision Community to Jena, Germany.

Aim of the conference is to meet, talk and collaborate to present and apply new sensors, systems, and solutions for Multimodal Photonic Sensing Which Empowering Developments in Measurement and Quality assurance for Industry, Forestry and Life Sciences.

There will be 4 sessions with a total number of 28 presentations about the following topics:

  • Session 1: Photonic Sensing Solutions

  • Session 2: Machine Vision Solutions

  • Session 3: Photonic & Machine Vision in Industry and Beyond

  • Session 4: Advanced Multimodal Imaging & Sensing

Additionally, 1 Interactive Workshop Session from the holz-21-regio alliance with topics about:

  • Climate resilient forest conversion

  • Wood as a building material of the future and

  • Value chain of raw wood

Well-known experts from leading companies and research institutions will give methodical, scientifical, technical and social insights on their latest developments.

Furthermore, there will be

  • 2 Keynotes from leading experts in metrology research and forestry

  • an exhibition with innovative products and services


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